A website has become the calling card for your business. The first thing a potential customer does is “Google” you. If they can’t find you or come to an outdated website, they’re likely to look to your competitors.

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Why you absolutely need a website.

According to Top Design Firms, 50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to a business’s overall brand. Top Design also found that when asked what visual elements they value on a company website, 40% of consumers said images, 39% said color, and 21% said video.

A website doesn’t have to break your budget. However, it’s a powerful investment to allow you to attract potential customers and continue to connect with your current customers. We know – the whole process of web design can seem daunting. We’re here for you every step of the way. SocialTrend works with you one-on-one to create a website that conveys your business mission and allows for growth toward the vision of your small business. You just tell us what image you want to convey - professional, fun, extravagant, traditional or modern. We then go about making it happen.

We help you maintain your website.

Unlike many other website design companies, we don’t leave you hanging though. Having a website is the first step. The site needs to be maintained to ensure that the content is search engine friendly. It also requires monthly maintenance updates to the platform. Consider us the stagehands behind the curtain that will make your small business look good and have a phenomenal performance.

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