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The Psychology of Advertising

Did you know we are exposed to about 5,000 ads a day? That is a huge increase from about 500 per day in the 1970s. We are inundated everywhere from television, radio, print, internet and social media. As consumers, it is especially hard to avoid during the holiday season, when every merchant is trying to get us to spend our holiday budget with them. As a business owner, we advertise our services and products in order to grow our business. How do we intersect the two? If we apply what we know as a consumer to what we do as an advertiser, we can be more effective advertisers. Accomplishing that is not as difficult as you might think. It’s about psychology.

This recent article and infographic were published by the University of Southern California discussed the Psychology of advertising. Takea quick look at the Infographic and you will see how emotions and color play ahuge part in the effectiveness of an ad.

Thinking vs Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising Infographic

University of Southern California

When you plan an ad campaign for your business do you think specifically about the emotional response you are trying to achieve? Have youconsidered how various colors and placements of those colors can help achievebetter conversion rates? You should.