Social Isn’t Just for Millennials – How to Target Other Generations

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Social Isn’t Just for Millennials – How to Target Other Generations

What does the perfect new lead or client look like for you? Man or woman, what is their age, what are they interested in? If you understand who you want to target, then social media is an amazing place to advertise. Too often people dismiss Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like as a Millennials only advertising zone, but that is simply not true.

Here some statistics to get your mind thinking straight:

  • 97% of Millennials have a smart phone
  • 94% of Gen Xers (approx. age 35-55) have a smart phone
  • 77% of Baby Boomers have a smart phone
  • Millennials spend an average of 6 hours and 19 minutes a week on social media
  • Generation X spends an average of 6 hours and 58 minutes a week on social media
  • Baby Boomers spend an average of 4 hours and 9 minutes a week on social media

Ok, do you believe us? You can reach a wide range of people with social media advertising.

The key to doing this properly is targeting. First you have to have a solid understanding of who makes your best new client or lead. If you don’t know, take an inventory of your current business: Which type of person makes up the majority of your revenue? Which type of person is your best customer? Do they have commonalities? Age, gender, interests, income level, education level, geography? Once you understand that, you have your target audience.

Step 2 is using social media to reach that audience. You can build an audience in many ways across the different social media platforms. You can create a look alike audience from your currently engaged audience. You can create audiences based on interests, age, gender, proximity to your business, etc. The combinations are basically endless.

When you are ready to expand your social media advertising and reach the exact right audience to grow your business, let SocialTrend help. It’s what we do!