Privacy Policy Updates : Why so many?

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Privacy Policy Updates : Why so many?

Have you been seeing extensive email and pop-up traffic related to new Privacy Policies on your favorite sites and apps? You are not alone! But “Why” you might ask?

A new law has recently gone into effect in Europe called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Chances are you aren’t a European citizen, so why are you seeing these changes? Well, all companies with European users must comply with GDPR or risk losing 4% of their annual revenue in fines. So, any company with a European user is very motivated to follow GDRP to the tee. We are seeing that the majority of these companies are rolling out the new policies to all users, not just Europeans. Hence, all the pop-up and emails.

The official guide to GDPR is here ( However, we figure you’d like a Cliff Notes Version, right? Basically, GDPR requires companies to get permission from their users to do anything with their personal data, including storing it, processing it or using it for advertising targeting. With the new privacy policies, many companies are asking you to give them permission to use your data in these ways. Now, under GDPR, companies must give European users the ability to opt-out of data collection, request that certain information is deleted and/or view and manage how their data is being used. Bottom line: GDPR is trying to protect users and their personal data all while giving each user control over how that data is used.

What should you do?

If you are concerned with how your personal data is being used, be sure to read the changes to the Privacy Policies for the various sites and apps that you give your information to. Yes, it might be time-consuming and annoying, but keeping your personal info safe is kinda important. Lastly, since Facebook has famously been “over sharing” user’s data, they have set up a new Privacy Checkup feature to determine how your data is being used by Facebook. Check it out: